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Since 1978, Pulley Manufacturers International, Inc. (PMI) has been producing power transmission components for commercial, industrial, and government users for various applications. PMI has one physical location, from which our products are manufactured and sold worldwide. PMI manufactures a complete line of standard and custom timing pulleys using aluminum, steel, delrin and polycarbonate plastics.

In addition, to timing pulleys, we also manufacture industrial sprockets, spur gears and timing pulley bar stock. Our timing pulleys and timing pulley bar stock are currently in nine (9) different “pitch” sizes. (.080=MXL, .0816=40DP, .118=3mm, .196=5mm, .200=XL, .314=8mm, .375=L, .394=10mm, .500=H).

PMI also provides various SERVICES; such as milling, lathe turning, saw cutting, drilling, tapping, gear hobbing and reverse engineering. To obtain pricing, please provide us with a blueprints/drawing(s) via email (preferably in .PDF format), fax, or through the U.S. Mail.

We maintain inventory on approximately twenty-five hundred (2,500) different part numbers; therefore, our product is often shipped from our present physical stock. If the items are not in stock our lead time for production is 4 weeks ARO (After Receipt of Order).

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